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Lisk is a distributed application construction platform developed by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows. The virtual currency used in the platform is also called Lisk (LSK).
Distributed applications, referred to as DApps (Decentralized Apps), are able to operate even without a central manager such as a business or bank.
DApps allow all participants to manage the distributed data and be involved in decision-making on things such as specification changes.
It is possible to process remittances in as little as 10 seconds, making high-speed remittances possible. While the upper limit of Lisk to be issued has been set, the amount issued is decreased every 3 million blocks.

Merits of Lisk

  1. Using Javascript as a Programming Language
    Lisk utilizes Javascript as a development language. Javascript is a commonly known programming language used globally.
    This language is widely adopted by engineers around the world, making it easy for many people to participate in development.

  2. Using Sidechains
    In addition to the main Lisk blockchain, there are also sidechains in use. Sidechains are auxiliary blockchains which are connected to the main blockchain.

    The transactions of DApps can be managed on sidechains. Even if a sidechain is hacked, it is isolated so that the main chain does not suffer any damage.
    In addition to the main chain, using sidechains allows for improved transaction processing power which keeps the transaction confirmation time low.

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